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SPI PHOTO ALBUM - Spring 2004

Lots of Ways to Break Spring on SPI

Locals are congratulating themselves on having survived yet another Texas Week -- but spring break is not over yet. We hear they are still packing them in at Chaos and Louie's and Club 202. However, in my neighborhood, it's all over (except for the picking bits of glass out of dog beach, that is.)

Thanks to Charles over at spi360.com for the photo! Cruise on over to his site for lots more great SPI break '04 photo memories.

3/17/04 Sign O' the Times

Stupid plumbing always picks the worst time to go out, doesn't it? Still, we don't think the proprietor of this anonymous business really means that its customers should just... go any where. At least we sure hope not!

Thanks to the toad for another good shot.

3/15/04 Gettin' Foamy

What would spring break be without a squeaky clean foam party? Doesn't that just look like too much fun??? Thanks to the toad for another good shot!

3/9/04 Spring Break is On!

Dad Feets scored a nice shot yesterday with this photo of a couple of spring breakers having fun with an empty keg.

3/6/04 5 PM - Happy Spring Break

While traffic was reportedly backed up as far as Blackbeards, this is what the beach (just one block away) looked like.

The days just before "Texas Week" can be pretty strange. It is pretty quiet during the day (at least in my neighborhood) but at night the china-rattling thumps of competing sound systems can't help but remind us of the crowds still to come.

3/6 10:50 AM - Happening Right Now!

About an hour ago, the cocoon that was dangling from our stairway popped and out came this gorgeous monarch. It plopped into a puddle. Fred rescued it before it could become breakfast for some bird and placed it on a stick in front of one of his watercolors. We have spi-cam pointed at it and research indicates that it could take another hour or so before it has the strength to fly away. Check out spi-cam to see if it is still there!

Click for South Padre Island, Texas Forecast

3/6/04 - What's wrong with this Screenshot?

Our friend Jamey has this report (and image) this morning: "I'm sure it's just cuz they get their weather from the same place, but both the weather channel and wunderground say it's snowing heavily right now in Port I. That's about nearly as crazy as the fact that I was up at 5! The whole world's gone upside down."

cool spi picutre

3/3/04 - PAAAARTY!

Our good friend Stuart - frequent visitor to SPI and Blademaster over at BabesWithBlades.com is turning 50 today. I liked his announement photo so much I decided: a) 1 am going to do something similar when I turn 50 b) this is a perfect photo for announcing spring break 2004.

Happy Birthday, Stuart! May you have many many more!

cool spi picutre

Parting Shot - 2/ 26/04

"Don't mess with Winter Texans" was the theme of the sand sculpture down at Saida last week. Indeed, it will be hard to "mess" with them - until next winter, anyway - as they have largely disappeared from the local landscape. To see who has replaced them, just stay tuned... ;-)

Thanks to "Dad Feets" for organizing the event and taking the picture too. See more at dad-cam.com!

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