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sandy feet's south padre island photo album - March, 2005

Changing of the Seasons PT 2

The median age of people on the island is in the process of taking a precipitous dive downward as it does every year at this time. The group pictured enjoying the Saida hot tub - from Western Michigan University - represents the first wave of South Padre Island spring break 2005.

Thanks to Don "Dad feets" Wierenga for another good one. Watch spring break unfold on his site at

3/6/05 - It's Back to The Real Thing

What was it last year...? Sprite Remix Beach or something like that. Well, this year we can call it Coca Cola Beach again (trips off the tongue a bit more nicely, I think) and I was out there yesterday to see the raising of the coke balloon.

It was cloudy then. It is hot and sunny now and Lyin' Larry has taken rain out of the forecast for the foreseeable future... hooray!

Coca Cola Beach - Before Texas Week!

As I am updating this page, the thundering boom of arriving breakers on the boulevard is unmistakable. Until today, the weather has been kind and the beach in front of the Rad has been jumping -- see lots more beach shots and watch Texas Week explode at

Texas Week '05
(Glad My Hot Tub Isn't This Crowded)

Well, the weather turned foul today but a quick check of spi-cam shows that this norther is not keeping the silly people out of the Gulf -- you guys are nuts! Keep watching for the next photo update at

March 18, 2005 Coca Cola Beach
(Click image for larger version)

Texas Week wraps up this weekend as Holy Week kicks in for a one-two punch. How about a round of applause for Dad Feets and his superb coverage of spring break this year? Keep watching for the next photo update at

Don "Dad Feets" Wierenga is the one in the "Grandpa Gone Wild" T-shirt

3/25 The Return of the Umbrellas

This week's crop of spring breakers got to see something the others did not - beach umbrellas - brought out to accommodate the families enjoying Easter weekend on the Island. It has been a bit cloudy and foggy but nice and warm - tomorrow should be just about perfect. Happy Easter to all!

3/27 Easter Sunset

Captured this amazing sunset with my cell phone camera from Fred's boat which is docked over by Parrot Eyes. The colors were incredible.

SPI-Cam is Moving

This will be one of the last shots captured from spi-cam in its current location - the 12th floor of the Royale. Sadly, Mom & Dad Feets have decided to sell the family condo and with it goes a great perch for South Padre Island's mobile web-cam.

The good news is that the elder Feets intend to rent their old unit from the new owners next year, so perhaps we will be able to return the cam to this spot next Jan.

In the meantime, Fred is open to ideas as to where spi-cam should be relocated...

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