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May, 2000

sign repair
May 3, 2000

A tremendous storm ripped through the area last night. Too early for official reports but rumors are flying.... Sea Ranch destroyed? 50 power poles down in Port Isabel? Was it a tornado? All I know for sure is the hail and wind were like nothing I have ever experienced.

These photos captures some of the worst of what I saw - lots of signs and trees down, some blown windows, etc. Of most concern are the over-turned trailers and RV's - really hope no one was in them when this happened.

Destination SPI

Left: He is risen, indeed. Above: a trailer at Destination SPI. Below: What's left of the roof at Charlies - reportedly the rest of it sailed into the Sea Ranch.


McDonald's Left: the overturned concrete trash bin at McDonald's attests to the strength of the winds we experienced

Below: Another overturned trailer

another trailer


my backyard Above: Calypso took a big hit

Left: My backyard

Below: two parts of a palm tree

palm tree

convention centre castle

"Sand Castle Capital of Texas" --

Stop by the Convention Centre and see the latest incarnation of the display castle.


Caught Having Fun

Snapshot 5/11/00 - This is Josh. He is a local kid who likes to play in the sand. We think he's pretty good at it too (accomplished with a little help from his Mom, Sarah.)

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