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Spring 2003

Wee Willy

"Wee Willy" at the Chili Cook-Off

"Just thought some of your readers may be wondering about Harpoon and Chealsa's little boy who was left behind when the Causeway tragedy happened.

William had just turned 2 years old at the time of the incident and will soon be turning 4. His birthday is July 30th. William is a wonderful little boy and is blessed with Barry's beautiful blue eyes and Chealsa's great looks! I have attached a few photos, hope you enjoy them.

We all miss Harpoon and Chealsa so very much but are grateful to have such a wonderful reminder in little "Willy" of just how special his parents were.........."

William's "Grammo" - Jackie


4/28/03 - What On Earth is THIS all About??!!

Something Very Big is happening at Schlitterbahn -- and your humble web-wiz is fixin' to be very busy very soon with it. Take a look!


5/11/03 -Sculptors at Play

Work is progressing right on schedule at the massive Schlitterbahn sand sculpture garden -- you can still watch the sculptors at work every day at -- and if you tune it at 5 pm you may catch the daily "internet show" where the sculptors get goofy at quitting time. (Above is a screen grab of May 10's show - sculptors showing off their "smoked turkey legs.")

For more information on the project itself, visit the Event Website

cok sign

Give the Turtles a Break!

Anyone who visits a Texas beach and sees a nesting turtle or its tracks, hatchlings, a turtle nest, or an injured or dead sea turtle is asked to call the new toll free number 1-866-TURTLE-5.

“Since four Kemp’s ridley sea turtles nested on the north Texas coast last year, we are asking visitors to all Texas beaches to be vigilant and report any activity,” said Carole Allen, Gulf Office Director for Sea Turtle Restoration Project and HEART. “We need everyone’s help to report sea turtles, tracks, nests or hatchlings and the phone line will make it easy.”

For more information on sea turtles, please visit

cok sign

Semana Santa

It may be too early to tell, but if the traffic is any indication, Island merchants will be whistling happy tunes this week because it sure seems like a lot of Mexican Nationals are in town and they appear to be having lots of fun.

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