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5/28/04 A Sandy Proposal

She said yes.

Fred puts the finishing touches on yet another grand romantic gesture. Congratulations and best of wishes to Ron and Tiffani!

5/25/04 Mr. Sandman

Your humble webwiz found herself goofing around in the sand this week between photo shoots for an unpcoming "how-to" sand castle book she is working on. "Mr. Sandman" - built with sand, water and materials found in a 10 foot radius of where he was created - was captured on my cell phone camera.

5/21/04 Beach Message

It is against our policy to post photos of non-Padre beaches on this page, but we're making an exception today.

3000 School Students sitting in the sand formed the aerial art message ''keep oceans alive \!''
Friday 05.21.2004, Dockweiler BEACH, Los Angeles California

5/15/04 Politics - Island Style

Election day on South Padre Island: Alderman candidates Troy Giles, Debra Fassold and Fred Mallett share a relaxed moment outside city hall. By 7:30 the winners had been announced: incumbent Mayor Bob Pinkerton; Kirk Mills for place 3 and Fred for place 5. As you might imagine, your webwiz was very pleased. Thanks to everyone who extended support to Fred... you have elected yourself one hard-working SoB!

5/15/04 Spi-Cam Turns into "Poll-cam"

From our vantage point on Saturn we have a great view of all the voting day activity taking place at the SPI city hall. Now you too can watch democracy in action - pretty exciting stuff, hey? See it now at spi-cam.com!

Cat Captivating Sunset

Yet another fine sunset photo submitted by dm - "A picture of my favorite companion, Smoky Dos the cat who is 'ever faithful' while overseeing and protecting us all from any 'potential danger' that might arise from -- the Bay!"

5/10/04 Check Out the Greenery!

With all the recent rains, the backyard of the Sandbox Condo Complex is going bananas! I have been planting stuff back here for almost 10 years and can't remember another spring as wet as this one has been. Everything is in bloom, but it is not yet too hot to enjoy the outdoor living room adjoining the sandbox. Now if only the mosquitos would migrate elsewhere.....

5/4/04 Fred's Pachanga

As election day nears, the party scene heats up. Last Tues. a nice crowd came out to talk to my Fred and see what he is all about. Amazin' and I and a few other loyal SoBs decided it was a good excuse to play in the sand. Click here for more photos of what transpired, courtesy of Jamey "Toad" Fountain...

5/1/04 Late Season Blue Norther Rollin' In

We were walking over to the chili cook-off at Dolphin Cover just about the time things started looking threatening and we arrived just when things got really interesting - 45 mph winds can wreak havoc on a chili booth. Scroll on down for more photos...

The Southwest Airline folks employ teamwork to keep the tent from blowing away...

while Jackie surveys the ruins of her palapa booth while the team tries to salvage what remains.

Right about the time I shot this someone reported seeing a funnel cloud over the Bay. It was probably just a waterspout but the adenaline was flowing, big time. We all ran into the bar and bought some liquid comfort while the rains came down. Two hours later, the streets were flooded but the sun was fighting its way out of the remaining clouds.

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