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Summer 2003

happy anniversary!

Half a Century Later....

Don and Ginny Wierenga - aka "Mom & Dad Feets" -- part-time residents of SPI and fulltime parents of your humble webwiz -- are celebrating their 50th anniversary this week. The sisters and I have put together a special web-site (shhh! don't tell! it's a surprise!) at - there 's a fun movie there and a place for you to leave a congratulatory message. If you knw them -- or even if you don't! feel free to drop by -- sf

Erika fizzles

Hurricane? What Hurricane?

Click here to view a photo timeline. (Photos and report by Sharon Campbell)


July 4, 2003

This ghostly shot was captured at a fireworks party on Corral Street. The show was on of the best ever, and the crowd turnout for the holiday weekend looked to break a few records as well.


Tropical Storm Bill 6/30/03

Even a Tropical Storm as small, far away, and fast moving as Bill can affect us here on SPI. The sun is shining and there is no wind to speak of, but the swells are building and we suspect the local surfers are keeping a close eye on the Jetties... Photo and report by Fred

freddy phoebe

High Season

As this photo proves, one may still find peace, quiet and relative solitude on SPI beaches even during the height of the tourist season.

I love this place....


Da Geek Does Sand

Island resident Fred Mallett ( took fifth place and the prestigious "sculptors' choice" award at last week's master sand sculpting competition in Hampton Beach, NH with this piece he titled "Bee Careful!" Way to go, Fred!

stu and cin

Surfin' Down Padre Blvd.

I recently caught Stuart and Cindy Diamond returning from a surfing expedition in Isla Blanca park with my new cell phone camera. Stuart is a local lawyer and - may you never encounter him in this capacity - the town's prosecuting attorney.


"People Shoot" 6/12/03

People Magazine is reportedly running a series of articles this summer on "dream jobs" and decided professional sand sculptor qualified. They sent the photographer down yesterday to get a People-worthy picture. The writer interviewed me for 3 hours and the resulting article and photos in next month's issue will undoubtedly be nice for the Island (and me too!) Photo by Fred.


Connectors Reunion 6/6/03

It was a hot night at Coconuts -- in more ways than one. The original Connectors ripped through all the old favorites while dancers temped heat exhaustion and prayed for a breeze. (That's Freddy L, Joey T and Albert B)

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