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SPI PHOTO ALBUM - September 2004

"'Neath the Light of the Moon"

This sand sculpture won second place in the team division of the 2004 North American Championship Sand Sculpture Competition in Virginia Beach last week. It was created by SPIslanders sandy feet & Fred Mallett. Amazin' Walter took Peoples Choice and the special Neptune Award for his piece in the solo dvision.

Click here to read the story in the Virgina Pilot and see a picture of an Island Alderman on his knees promoting South Padre Island ;-)

The next event? SPI Sand Castle Days, of course!

"It's Good to be Queen"

This sand sculpture won the "Best Handstacked" award (Duo Division) at the 2004 World Championship in British Columbia. It was created by sandy feet & Fred Mallett.

Beautiful South Padre Sunset # 569

Thanks again to Don Miguel for another beautiful shot.

9/16/04 - Ivan's Long Reach

The surfers are smiling but the beach is mostly underwater today and some access points - like #16, pictured above - have been blocked up with sand by city workers in an effort to keep the water out of the parking areas. According to predictions, waters should be back down to normal levels overnight.

It could be a lot worse, of course and Texans cannot be blamed for thanking their lucky stars that Florida seems to be the storm magnet this year. (Personally, I have a theory that ties it all in with the 2000 presidential election results but I guess I will just keep it to myself.)

Photo by Fred Mallett.

9/3/04 - Convention Centre Sand Castle Gets a New Look

You humble (and tired) webwiz poses with the sculpture outside the SPI CC. That logo kicked my butt! It looks even better up close so take a ride by next time you are in the neighborhood.

Three SoB Sand Castle Wizards (Amazin' Walter, Alderdude Fred Mallett and yours truly) will be representing Texas at the world championships in British Columbia next week - send good vibes our way!

8/31/04 - Wet Stuff All Around Us

We have been seeing a lot of these big thunderheads on the horizon - and a couple days back one even finally dumped some rain on South Padre Island. After a wet spring, summer was dry dry dry and pretty much everyone but the handful of tourists who are on the Island right now was happy to see it. The possibility for afternoon showers will stay inour forecast for the next couple of days but the holiday weekend should be rain-free.

Now everyone is doing their anti-hurricane dances, right?

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