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Summer, 2000

jody sheets
Gone but Never Forgotten

I recently received word that one of my favorite people of all times, Jodi Sheets, passed away last week after a long hard-fought battle with a brain tumor.

Most locals and a lot of frequent visitors to the Island will remember Jodi as the always-smiling hostess at the Irish Pub. She was generous to a fault and never had a bad word to say about anyone. She married and moved away a few years back but the world continues to be a better place for her having been here, and I miss her deeply.

If you have warm Jodi memories, click here.

Go Lori Go!

Lori Brass is that hard-working girl that does a most excellent job of delivering your favorite beverages at Boomies. I suggest you go vote for her at the best bartender poll if you haven't already. (And if you have, go ahead and do it again!)

Update 7/9 - Lori is on-line and you can now e-mail her directly!

Lori Brass

franklin castle

Wizards at Work

The Franklin Clan recently got together at Suntide II for a "photo op" sand castle lesson with sandy feet. I think they impressed themselves!

Aziza and Kevin

Aziza and Kevin 7/11/00

Aziza Barker, local yoga instructor and massage therapist, recently celebrated her 50th birthday with a lovely gathering at Parrot Eyes.

Tabletop sand sculpture built for the Guthrie Family Reunion by sandy feet 7/15/00 in the Bahia Mar Ballroom

Guthrie castle

The season is here! Kingfish! Kingfish! Kingfish!

They are here and they are hot! Get-em while you can.

In the first photo, we have our very own Amazin'Walter doing battle with an airborne kingfish aboard Capt.Randy's hot fishin'machine, a Carolina Skiff.

the fishin fool


The second photo shows a tired out king about to be landed into the boat. (and invited to dinner)

(photos and report by Dennis Barrett)


Media Women

Megan (left) writes for AP; Leslie is a staff photographer for the Brownsville Herald (check out samples of her work at her web-site). I had the pleasure of hanging out with them for a while the other day. Here they are at the Wahoo party.

megan and leslie

Right: This is Lisa and Jerry... from San Antonio...?

They were kind enough to share their table with us at the Radisson party and appeared to be enjoying themselves thoroughly.


Labor Day Weekend Fireworks bring lots of Valley party animals out to the Island. I can't remember these fine folks' names but found them entertaining enough to shoot a picture of them.

lisa and jerry

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