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Find a Local - past and present, I am working on compiling an e-mail address book for anyone with an SPI connection that wants to participate. If you are a past or current resident - or even just a frequent visitor - and would like people to be able to find you, feel free to add your listing!

Add a Listing

You can browse the whole list by hitting the next button at the bottom of each page, or you can jump dirctly to the person's listing if you know his/her last name by clicking on one of the letters below.

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username: sammyspike@cs.com
Address: Mezquite Street
City: SPI
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident
Info: 37/m and 35/f with a pre-teen girl and two dogs. Residents since July 1999. We have no idea what Sping Break traffic will be like, but we'll make the best of it. Any others out there? We see mostly seniors, and they don't usually drink the same stuff we do... The Brewery is the best and only place on this island to get beer! So far, we have ben enjoying the water and sunsets. Not much luck in fishing.

name: Elise Sanchez
username: esanchez@carlson.com
Company: Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Phone: 303-989-2141
Address: 7309 W. Hampden Ave #4804
City: Lakewood
State: CO
zip: 80227
connection: past resident

name: Mike Santos
username: mikes@islanddawn.com
Homepage?: http://islanddawn.com/
connection: current resident
Info: View my webpage on former Casino Del Mar (Island Dawn) Contains ship's history and other cool stuff.

name: Patsy Sawyer
username: Islandgirlps@mediaone.net
Phone: 651 439 5443
Address: 108 N. Harriett St.
City: Stillwarter
State: MN
zip: 55082
connection: past resident
Info: I heard someone was bit by a shark. Was it a local or a tourist?

(Answer: not sure - I think it actually happened on the north end of the island - by Corpus Christi.)

name = Jerry Schmidt
from = atjerrys@hcnews.com
company = retired
phone = 817-326-5456
address1 = 3922 Crescent Dr
city = Granbury
state = TX
zip = 76058
homepage? = http://onjerrys.home.mindspring.com/
connection? = frequent visitor
info = My wife, Jeanette, our dog Sophie, and I spend about 10 days a month at our other home at Outdoor Resorts where we keep our Potter 19 sailboat which we enjoy sailing in the Laguna Madre. Jeanette's a retired RN and I'm a retired attorney. We've been visiting SPI for 15 years and love it. We plan to move down full time soon.

name: Rusty Schneider
username: schneide@vvm.com
Company: Acer America Corproation
Phone: 254-298-4581
Address: 11333 Parkdale Drive
City: Temple
State: TX
zip: 76502
connection: frequent visitor
Info: I am a computer support manager with Acer America, and I have spent a number of one week summer vacations with my family over the past 12 years at South Padre, and I always look forward to the next year. My kids are in college now, and I would love the opportunity to move into the area to live all year around. I am going to spend the next few months checking out job, and business opportunities in the area to see if I would be able to make the move. I am a former technical instructor at TSTI-Waco, and I really love teaching.

name = John Schulze
from = freyr25@hotmail.com
company = Alamo Community College District
connection? = past resident
info = I taught at PI Junior High from 1984 to 1992.

name: Shannon
username: shannon@reyes.as
connection: frequent visitor
Info: Last time I isited I went with my college bud Jen. Had a blast and met some cool new folks!

name: Bart Shaw
username: fbshaw59@hotmail.com
Company: Community First Leasing
Address: 2524 Rogers Ave.
City: Ft. Worth
State: TX
zip: 76109
connection: past resident
Info: Moved to the Island in '74 with parents Charlie and Betty Shaw and sister Betsy. Moved away after HS, but returned in 1990. Bought a home on the Island with my wife Cindy and our family of 4, count 'em 4 kids; Corrie (in college), Chris, Matt (Volleyball King) and Zachary. We spend as much time there as possible - all summer and off season weekends. I Consider myself a "dual resident"!! I will be back!

name = Sheri
from = Sheri10765@aol.com
company = you all know me better than that
city = Blackwood
state = NJ
connection? = past resident
info = Living in New Jersey now and man is it way different than island living. I sure do miss it. Wondering if Adelaide ever came back to the island and how she is doing. If you see her tell her I am looking to chat with her to see whats new in her life. I personally have finally found Mr. Right and hes really a great guy, he just lives in Jersey. I go to the Jersey shore but its not the same as the beach on the island. People here are really uptight on the beach and dont really know how to enjoy it like the islanders do. But bless their lil hearts, they try.

name: stacy showman
username: showgirl@prodigy.net
City: Broken Arrow
State: Ok
connection: frequent visitor

name: Matthew Siporin
username: matthew@msiporin.com
Phone: 956-761-6325
Address: P.O. Box 3752
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597-3752
Homepage?: http://www.msiporin.com
icq#?: 279046
connection: current resident

name: Brad Smith
username: bsmith186@yahoo.com
City: Oklahoma City
State: OK
zip: 73129
Homepage?: www.geocities.com/bsmith186
connection: frequent visitor

name: Katina Smith
username: midnitevulture@joymail.com
Phone: 918-453-2699
Address: 325 E. Shawnee Apt.B
City: Tahlequah
State: OK
zip: 74464
connection: past resident
Info: I just got married!! I miss you and think of you often... your in my thoughts and prayers... and tell sarah I said hi and I miss her... email me or call anytime!!! xoxo,kat

name: Kristin Smith
username: kls5403@aol
City: cincinnati
State: oh
zip: 45239
connection: past resident
Info: Lived in South Padre between 1997 to 1999

name: Ron&Sue Smith
username: rons@g2a.net
Company: Wausau-Mosinee Paper Corp.
Address: 4004 lakeview dr.
City: rhinelander
State: wi.
zip: 54501
connection: frequent visitor
Info: We love spi! Been coming down for 18 years,always in March for three to four weeks. Yes we are very used to many,many spring breaks.We enjoy the kids as long as we don't have live with them! We live on the north end so we are kind of away from them.Texas week is really the only bad one. Then we cross the causeway if we have to only early in the morning and then stay north the rest of the day!We go to Parrot-eyes,Coral Reef, Kelley's,sometimes in the afternoon. If anyone sees Chris at the Coral Reef tell him Ron&Sue,Mary&Oz are on the way. We should be there Tues Mar 5th if our flights are on time.See you soon-Ron&Sue

name: Tom Sokat
username: TSOKAT@AOL.COM
connection: past resident

name: Bette Sorokwasz
username: bettes@bigplanet.com
Phone: 956-761-2901
Address: 1319 Jeanette Way
City: Carrollton
State: TX.
zip: 75006
connection: frequent visitor
Info: I have owned a condo on SPI for 15 yrs. I love the island and all it has to offer.
I am an avid tennis player and am always looking for a match when I am on the island.
Anyone interested, e-mail me. Many of my friends on the island refer to me as BetteBoop

name: Pat Sowder (Golterman)
username: PSowder512@aol.com
Company: Texas Hospital Association
Phone: 512-259-8796
Address: 1908 S West Dr
City: Leander
State: TX
zip: 78641
connection: past resident

name: Frank spade
username: spade@teampc.com
Company: Team PC
Phone: 956-668-8326
Address: P.O. Box 4199
City: McAllen
State: TX
zip: 78502
Homepage?: http://www.teampc.com
connection: current resident
Info: I am originally from Germany, make my home on the island and also have an office in McAllen. You may find me jogging or fly my kite at the beach, or have a salad at Naturallys. I believe the island may be the closest to paradise that I may come in this life time.

name: Donald Spilde
username: JasdonSPI@aol.com
Phone: 956-371-7466
Address: PO BOX 2366
City: South Padre Island
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident

username: TheSquyres@aol.com
Phone: 210-493-3541
Address: 13223 TRENTWOOD or 2600 GULF BLVD. #505 SPI
State: TX
zip: 78231
connection: past resident
Info: Lived in Port Isabel from 1969-1972. Owned The Shop Surf Shop on Garcia St. right across from Rovans during that time. Moved to S.A. in 1987, but own a condo at the Embassy still. Come down about once a month. Still have my little 6' California Twin Fin, but need that 3" and up wave to carry this wide body...heehee. What happened to Loco, Walter, Dee, the Andrade brothers, Killinger, Lana, all the old P.I. people?

name: Doug & Susan Stalker
username: safarisusan29@msn.com
Phone: 936-689-3147
Address: PMB 4080 140 Rainbow Dr.
City: Livingston
State: Tx
zip: 77399
Country: usa
connection: past resident
Info: KZSP & KESO 1990-1997
Voice of the Tarpon's- Doug
Padre's Mom - Susan
Island's Pirate's

Company: COCONUT'S
Phone: 856 761 8698
Address: PO BOX.3451
City: S.P.I
State: TX
zip: 78597
connection: current resident

name: Beth St.Pierre
username: beth_st_pierre@hotmail.com
City: Tecumseh
zip: ontario
Country: canada
connection: frequent visitor
Info: I visit the SPI in May of 2001 after meeting a truck driver who stoped in were I was working to ask for direction, I could tell he was'nt from around here, so I ask him were he was from he said South Padre Island Texas, Texas has and Island?? it certainly does and it beautiful and so our the people, I could tell he really loved it there, it was home to him, He said if you were to go you'd never leave, I just was'nt quite convienced, but he sure got me thinking, and the more I thought the more I had to go. 6500kl round trip and worth every minute. And I found out... he was right, I had always wanted to say thanks for telling me about SPI Jerry.

name: Romeo Subialdea
username: Romes944@Hotmail.Com
Company: Dept. of the Treasury
Country: Canada
connection: frequent visitor
Info: I was born in San Benito Texas. SPI has always been a favorite hang out of mine. Ive met and made many friends there and ALWAYS have a great time when I visit. I am now on diplomatic assignment in Montreal, Canada but I vacation in Harlingen 4 times a year... therefore, I visit SPI 4 times a year. I'd like to make even more friends as I quickly tire of this Canadian snow and cold. Perhaps we can even get together while Im down there. I'd like to meet a female between the ages of 18-35.

name = George (aka Diddie) Squyres
from = TheSquyres@aol.com
phone = 210-493-3541
address1 = 13223 Trentwood
city = San Antonio
state = tx
zip = 78231
connection? = past resident
info = Hola SPI...I go way back to 1968, when I owned I guess the first true 'surf shop' in the area, called The Shop, on Garcia St. right across from the old Donut Hole, during the days of the drawbridge. Moved to San Antonio 12 years ago, but still get back to The Beach of the Gulf coast, SPI, about four times a year. Hang at Mr. Bills Wahoos most of the time, but always seem to be bumping into old friends that remember what the great days of free surfing were like at SPI. Surfing the channel, paddling over to Boca during the winter, getting slammed into the old jail just because we were longhairs. Who was that masked man???? Anyway, just wanted to say hi and will be down soon. Whats happening for the year 2,000 there??? Adieu...Diddie

name: Kenneth w. Stalker
username: sideshowsid@webtv.net
Company: tres s productions
Phone: (956)-943-3162
Address: 504 hwy 100
City: Port Isabel
State: tx
zip: 78578
Homepage?: community.webtv.net/sideshowsid
connection: current resident
Info: local d.j needs a good woman

name = Kevin & Shann Standifer
from = SoTxFarm@aol.com
company = KC Farms
phone = 956-423-5104
address1 = P.O. Box 532011
city = Harlingen
state = TX
zip = 78553
connection? = past resident
info = past residents who spend time at island. Raised the kid at the island. Have many friends on island who come to the ranch to hunt or view exotic animals and birds. Should replace the large boat and spend more time at SPI.

name = Andy Stanek
from = qas003@email.mot.com
company = Motorola
phone = 817-684-1073
address1 = 2814 Meadow Park Drive
city = Bedford
state = Tx
zip = 76021
connection? = frequent visitor
info = I am a ocean/beach lover who doesn't get to the beach often enough. I am a technician who works with high speed SMT equipment and with all the high tech companies going into the Brownsville area I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to getting a job down there fixing this equipment. I would love to relocate to SPI....Thanks

name = Jay & Nita Stephens
from = beachbuddy@aol.com
company = Beach Buddies
phone = 972-298-8940
address1 = 5704 Cliff Haven Drive
city = Dallas
state = TX
zip = 75236
country = USA
homepage? = http://members.aol.com/beachbuddy/beachbuddies.htm
connection? = frequent visitor
info = We have been vacationing on SPI since 1989. We love the island, the beaches and the friendly locals. SPI is definitely the BEST beach in Texas!! Our favorite time to visit is in Oct. The crowds are low and the weather is great. We discovered the Sandcastle Days sandsculpture contest during this time and have built some winning sculptures over the years. We have had some great times on S. Padre, met some wonderful people and hopefully can make it our permanent home soon.

name = alan stewart
AKA: South Texas Beach Bums
Company: local band- matt and alan
Phone: 956-551-3090
Address: 109 W. TARPON #203, CL2 BOX 61
connection: locals
Info: We are Matt Theiss and Alan Stewart. We perform at Parroteyes; Boomerang Billys, Amberjacks and 202. Org. the year of 2000. Thank Sandy and Amazing for having this space for friends and guests.

name: Carl Swanson
username: cswanson@austin.rr.com
Company: Mustards Last Stand
City: Austin
State: TX
connection: past resident
Info: Came up here a few years ago, worked at Dell for a while, then bought a Hot Dog Cart and I am the current Hot Dog King of Austin.. well, of the alley behind Antones on Friday and Saturday nights. James Cotton, Jimmy Vaughan, Dale Watson, Ray Benson and Buddy Guy are all regular customers... life is good.

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