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  IB Hooked - March 2, 2007

Under that age ol’ catch all, “Be careful what you wish for cuz ya just might get it” the new Shrimp County administrators have reaffirmed the stance of past administrations that the Sandspit is indeed Gringo Gulch and worthy of compadre abuse. Gotta kick out of seein’ the relatively new county attorney boastin’ about the new policy on concessionaires and their lease renewals on the boob tube last week.                                

  He seems to have the view and claims to have the backin’ of a majority on the commish court, that them’s that take the big risks of startin’ a bidness on county property and managing that bidness to a profit should be required to bid against all comers to renew said lease on said property. The fact that these folks have invested, in some cases heavily, their time and dinero to build and/or expand their business under an assumption conveyed by county parks administrators that as long as they paid their concessionaires fees on time, their leases would automatically renewed they now have this to contend with this. This policy is understandable at the county built Pavilions cuz you’re only leasing a stall but to target Dirty Al’s and Dolphin Cove Oyster Bar you gotta wonder if Hugo “The Pygmy” Chavez has managed to annex the buffer zone between the real world and the third world. This is the kind of move foretold in Atlas Shrugged and Animal Farm.

  When Dolphin Cove was originally leased from the county the property consisted of a slab and a concrete and chicken wire bar. Joe Buck and some Island rats some of which still manage to live here built the rest. Joe Buck and Mary Jo sold the joint to Charlie and Gina in the summer of 2005 for a pretty nickel, now their being informed that the lease is up for competitive bid the summer of 2008. That’s wrong, morally and ethically wrong cuz the county will claim ownership of the improvements so they won’t be able to remove what they bought. Like the roof, the walls and the garage doors.

  The deal they’re throwin’ at Dirty Al Salazar is down right disgusting. Granted, the county did build him a 15x15 block enclosure when they moved him off the boat ramp, probably prompted by hisself becomin’ a tourist attraction for patrons at Dirty Dave’s Deck but that’s another story. That was in 1992 and thank the dear lord them walls can’t talk cuz they do still be a part of the most recent iteration of the Dirty Al’s saga. But encouraging a business to expand and become successful and seeing the concessionaires fees based on ten percent of the ring grow as explosively as they have and then yankin’ in it out from under the boy in an open bid for crony’s of the court is down right perverted.

  You fools do this now you’ll set a precedent and when the big time concessionaires get within a couple of years of renewal they’ll have no incentive to maintain the business they’ve fought and bled to make successful. This may be the Mezcan way or the socialist way but it damn sure ain’t the American way, even if this is the buffer zone between the real world and the third world.

Speakin’ of smelly things that wash up on a boat ramp. For the last few years many have bemoaned the lack of a public boat ramp in the area. The gents at the County Parks office responded by requesting and receiving a grant from Uncle Sugar to put in a ramp at Children’s Beach behind Dolphin Cove. Then they went through the headache of dealing with the Corps of Idiotic Engineers now they’re hung up with the bureaucracy at TP&W over some language. If any of you readers out there, all six of ya’ll, possess the linguistic abilities to kick their tails off the dime a bunch of folks would be grateful for the assistance.         

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