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  IB Hooked - Aug. 3, 2007

Sure is nice to see this wild weather depart the area hopefully it wont
return anytime soon. It was also nice to see Jeff Johnson back in the
saddle as a skipper on a charter boat. He now runs the Buena Suerta out of
Jim‚s Pier and fished the Mansfield Tournament, per Jeff the Mansfield
Channel is runnin‚ about eight foot but ya have to hug the north side cuz
if you venture towards the middle you‚ll be in deep doo-doo real quick. He
and the guys won the Louie Fechner perpetual as grand champs offshore and
the Dr. Tony Brucks Tag & Release perpetual, they also won a bunch of
jackpots that‚ll keep him in diapers for a while.

Figured this was gonna happen but the messenger was a shock. I was
mindin‚ my own bidness at the Coral Reef when the Jackilina sauntered in.
After the usual perfunctory greetings including her signature greeting
„What does a gay moose do on a slooooow Saturday night? He goes down to
the Elk‚s Lodge and blows some bucks‰ she threw some papers at my scotch.
I looked at the bloody things and my first thought was that Annie Richards
would get a chuckle out of this. She‚d been up at the Corpus Monster Boat
Show last April and ran across some dirt hustlers pitchin‚ a project, just
like some gents did at the 1936 Texas State Fair thus birthin‚ GSI and
Texas Instruments. They‚ve managed to acquire the private portion of the
old causeway, this is like fifteen years after the State portion was
condemned and torn down to supposedly make way for the Ann Richards State
Fishing Pier that never made it off the drawin‚ board.
Anyhow, I ain‚t surprised by the project cuz all hell is breakin‚ loose
east of the Sandspit, the area has always been in need of structure and
thanks to the oil and gas folks we are now target rich. Speakin‚ of which,
understand Mike Walker and Fred Rich are about as close to roommates as ya
can get in the federal hoosegow
Fred for turnin‚ houses into Chia Dogs and Mike for the Poco Mas fiasco,
she resides as we speak under a different name in the same slip, don‚t
wanna know how that happened but the ol‚ Penny Mac/Blues Chaser ain‚t gone
far, bet she still can raise fish.
Jackie Barber appears to be lead agent on Mariner‚s Point on Long
Island, this jewel is gonna add 236 deep water slips to the mix plus a
like amount of crash pads for crews or cheap ass owners. Ain‚t been to
Kemah lately but I understand the formula is popular, buy what amounts to
a hootch, parking and some storage down, a five hundred square foot a/c
and a john in a one room enclosure above and room for a 60‚ boat for the
party animals on an exclusive „point‰ less than a mile from blue water on
a good day. Considerin‚ we got a production rig ten miles out, the
alledged scuttlin‚ of the Aggie Clipper seven miles past that and another
producer eight miles past that and a swamp rat called the Clyde Boudreaux
way the hell east of these we are now a structure rich area and will be so
until a wicked witch like Emily gives us a close kiss, then we‚ll be
inshore rubble and the tarpon will be chucklin‚ and crashin‚ bait. If
ya‚ll are interested in a new port for your mistress Jackilina can be
reached at Gulf Coast Fine Coastal Properties 956-761-5400 or .

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