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  IB Hooked - Aug. 17, 2007

One of the things I love about this gig is the barhound requirement.
Though this cheap rag don’t pay worth a hoot others do and what I can
gather while kibitzing from a bar stool can sometimes get close to

Take the LKT last weekend, I was tryin’ to be a gnat on the wall at a
local waterin’ hole while a gaggle of chicks regaled the joint with their
post production exploits, they were lit so I ain’t gonna name names or
make any direct quotes cuz frankly they ain’t fit to print. But these
lovelies were bemusing the fact that a tourista trap the likes of the
Sandspit that jacks off folks for three to five bucks a pop for suds is
sooooo cheap that it wont afford the award of forth place trophies for
this tournament. Their bathroom humor ran the gamut from what they did in
bed to inspire their hubbies and some of their captains to put them on
fish to their offers aboard the boat to fish harder and harder and harder,
ya’ll get the point I hope. Some of the lass’ brought up the fact that
they used their unique talents to cajole their boyz into fishin’ the TWAT
this weekend in Port A cuz it only cost a few grand and if they won they
could spend many many grand at the IGFA party in Cabo next spring. The
TWAT is the Texas Women Angler Tournament run by Sharon Miller who fishes
aboard Solid Waste and they pay the International Game Fish Association
the three hundred bucks to be a qualifying tournament for the offshore
world championship. I bet if some of the gals that run this mess were to
ask politely, Doug Dunkin and/or the Dunkin clan would consider
underwriting both the forth place trophies and even the fee to qualify the
winner to spend many many grand at an IGFA party cuz they have both
inshore and offshore soiree’s.
Wellllll, we got a spinner in the gulf as I write this tripe, the gurus
appear to have Mansfield as the bulls eye. I bet seas will be sporty for
the club tournament this Saturday and the stick fishin’ should be obscene.
The weigh-in will be over by Dirty Al’s from 6-7:30 at the Sea Ranch

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