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  IB Hooked - Oct. 17, 2007

Charles “Frenchy” Arcsenaux age 89 has passed. What the hell can you say about an old codger that was probably Percy Forman’s last living retainer client. Before Gary Graham went and screwed it up he was the financier of the only decent law enforcement on North beach, he financed the so-called doon goons with their tow trucks. Most of what ya’ll have heard about these guys is Urban Legend actually these gents were just burned out Nam vets that just wanted to be left alone. Each Monday morning Frenchy would tool up to the end of 100 with a batch coffee and news papers and get together with the guys to collect payments and fill out a shopping book of their needs, he was a veritable Sears catalogue on wheels, when he left his farewell was always the same “Via con Dios”. Then he’d hit the bars on his way south as a decent lender of last resort, he didn’t need no loan applications, just a hand shake and a promise to pay him back on a schedule that was flexible.

Frenchy had one hell of a life, mainly helping folks and investing, he
was one of the first to recognize Carlos Slim for the skyrocket he would
become. He bought Telefonos de Mexico stock for pennies on the OTC and
recommended that all his buddies, them that did and held for a few years
saw their investment grow by a couple of thousand percent. There are some
ugly rumors that the Michigan Avenue Misfits did him in. They don’t appear
to have been involved but those crack heads on occasion did give him
problems, From what Janet at Jake’s told me he had the big spell while
watering his plants. He been on the Sandspit enjoying all the chi chi
grandes on display during bike week, even at 89 the old goat had a serious
eye for the ladies. For all the folks he helped over the years I’d like to
say thanks ol’ buddy and Via con Dios. Save me a seat at the next bar.

Wellll, Tim you were right, there was one last organizational meeting
for the Texas Clipper so she ain’t gonna be scuttled next week. Dale
Shively called with the expected bad news but said not to despair, he
guaranteed that the Aggie Clipper will be sent to the bottom the week of
November 15th they ain’t gonna set a date cuz of mama nature so they set
the whole week as the date. Runnin’ out of room so I’ll fill ya’ll in next
week on the new push to turn the Gulf in to a petting zoo. And by the way,
Tarpon Tomorrow hits town this Friday, ground zero is the Sea Ranch Marina
I tried to get more info but their e-mail address was return to sender.

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