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Full Body Massage by licensed massage therapist Adelaide Bennet in her home studio on South Padre Island, Texas.

Come take a journey with me to a place I call Peace of Mind - a place where stress just melts away from your body. A place where you long to be. I set the stage with soft lighting, soothing music* and aromatic scents. You will receive a full body massage incorporating techniques by Peter Ling and my own intuition and you will find yourself entering that place called Peace of Mind.

A wise old sage once said, "Do the small things in life with a relaxed awareness."

Thank you,

* I also offer an extensive selection of guided meditation and healing tapes as an alternative to music

Full Body Massage: $58.00

Hours: Mon-Sat. 9 AM - 9 PM

Email: barefootbeachbum@excite.com

Ph: 956-534-6769 for an appointment

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