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Winter Texans

SPI PHOTO ALBUM - Winter 2004

cool spi picutre

Parting Shot - 2/ 26/04

"Don't mess with Winter Texans" was the theme of the sand sculpture down at Saida last week. Indeed, it will be hard to "mess" with them - until next winter, anyway - as they have largely disappeared from the local landscape. To see who has replaced them, just stay tuned... ;-)

Thanks to "Dad Feets" for organizing the event and taking the picture too. See more at dad-cam.com!

cool spi picutre

One Picture = 1000 Words


I enjoy your website very much and last week we returned from our first (but definately NOT the last!) trip to SPI. We had a fabulous time and our daughter enjoyed going from running in the snow here at home to running on the beach in your wonderful neck of the woods. Please feel free to use this picture on your site if you want. We loved the solitude, the gulls and the bright blue sky. 

The LeRoy family
Kennebunkport, Maine

2/14 - Winter Texan Discounts!

For all you really hip mid-western retirees who have been dreaming about that special tribal tattoo... or perhaps a tongue stud? ... This is the place for you!

Actually, the wonderful thing about this picture is the shadows. At long last after days and days of cold gray rain, the sun has returned to SPI and a warming trend is on the way.

2/08 - Da Geek Has Landed

Fred (SPIgeek) has (at long last) left the mainland for the Island and relocated to a friendly neighborhood on the north end of town. SPI-cam.com is pleased to bring you - in all of its splender - the view from Da Geek's new office. (Yes, it _is a water view... sorta.)

new city hall

Proposed New City Hall - Pretty, Ain't It?

Update 2/8/04 - And the People have spoken:

"South Padre Island voters turned down the town’s plan to sell bonds to build a $7.65 million municipal complex and $2.215 million community center by a margin of 378 to 203 and 436 to 144, respectively." - Read full article here.

At least one SPI alderman was very disappointed and said he "didn't know what the people want any more." However, I think some conclusions can in fact be drawn from this election: 1. The proposed community center is a dead issue and should be abandoned for now; 2. We are convinced we need a new municipal building - give us a less-grandiose option, perhaps?

ditter dog

Convention Centre Sandbox - 1/28/04

The SoB Sand Castle Wizards are in the process of rebuilding the SPI Convention Centre sand castle - so if you are in the neighborhood stop by and say hi. We had the spi-cam pointed at it today, as you can see in the screen capture above.

ditter dog

Isle Ditter Dog - 1/24/04

The 6th annual Isle Ditter Dog was a resounding success near as we can tell. There were lots of canines - many dressed in silly costumes like the handsome lad above. I think there was a race, too. Wags the wonder dog was registered to participate but after he was declared the first winner in the doggy cake walk, we decided to collect our "milkbone" shaped cake and head home. We hope the LMHS made enough to buy lots of doggy treats...

photo by Don "Dad Feets" Wierenga

Click for South Padre Island, Texas Forecast

Work In Progress - 1/17/04

Your humble webwiz couldn't resist sneaking in an in-progress photo of the mosaic taking form in her home office entry way. This beach/sand castle tiled mosaic was a collaboration between sandy feet, Matt, Emmet and Ray-Bo. Eventually it will be surrounded by terra cotta tiles and will be the first thing peole see when they come visit me. To get a beautiful mosaic in your beach house, contact Matt.

Fish Beware!

Someone sent me this fine photo of the Osprey -- with no cutline or other bit of explanation. So, here is a really nice picture of a very popular area attraction ..... the Osprey!

Update: "Thanks for printing the Osprey II picture - We are here from Iowa and my son and grandson and I were going out on Osprey I when Osprey II came parallel to the course of Osprey I - The seas were a little rough - Our boat were able to get our limit of King Mackerel - A great day. " - Myron Rodee

Comin' Through...

This off shore oil rig sat off the shoreline for several days before going through the channel to Amfels for an overhaul.

Many thanks to Myron Rodee of Marion, Iowa for this photo report.


12/27/03 - Launch!

Local glider enthusiast Fred Mallett is caught in mid-launch on the beach in front of Wanna Wanna. Some sand sculpture was also created...

the changing of the year...

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