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Summer 2002

balloon guy

6/01/02 - Like the Swallows Returning to Capistrano...

Amazin' Walter - the Balloon Guy - has resumed his duties on the deck over at Blackbeards'... so you know it must be summer! Amazin' helps keep the kiddies from whining too much about the wait for a table at this popular SPI eating spot.


Puddles! 6/27/02

We know that today's steady downpour wasn't much fun for tourists seeking sunny beaches -- but it was just what the doctor ordered for local flora and fauna.... especially since the area is currently observing mandatory water conservation measures.
thanks to Dennis Barrett (www.sandstormproductions) for the photo submission.

baby turtles

Babies! 7/1/02

I was on my way to give a sand castle lesson when I noticed a crowd forming a ways up the beach. The event was the release of a batch of baby sea turtles... aren't they cute??!! I think the hope is that they will come back to SPI beaches someday to lay their eggs.

Photo by sandy feet

bull shark

Shark! (Pt.2)

Look at those muscles! As I understand it, these local women celebrated their June birthdays by treating themselves to an off-shore fishing excursion. The pictured bull shark weighed in somewhere around 180 lbs and was caught in local waters aboard Murphy's Law.

boogie bahn

Full Moon over Schlitterbahn

Your humble webwiz recently caught a performance of "Celebration of Water" over at the Boogie Bahn - read her review and see more pictures here!

Tanja sculpts sand!

Tanja - 8/7/02

Some six years ago Tanja was an exchange student from Germany, living in Corpus Christi. She recently came back to SPI to pay a quick visit to her "Dad" - Fred Mallett and was introduced by him to the art of sand sculpture. Nice job, Tanja!

new sandcastle

New Convention Centre Castle 8/17/02

The SPI Sand Castle Wizards were busy this past week. Four sculptors worked for 5 days on this re-build, which welcomes the upcoming Miss Teen USA pageant to SPI.

new sandcastle

whaddya lookin' at PUNK?

"Here is a picture of my son Austin (5-years-old) with a new haircut two weeks before school. He kept it for a few days, but needless to say he sported a shaved head for his first day back to school."

Submitted by proud papa Stan Hulse of Toucan Graphics. That is one cute kiddo you got yourself there, Stan!


Fire! 08/02

"This is a shot from the Miss Teen USA Pageant. They hired me to build a beach fire next to the bay during sunset. The same place where the Garth Brooks stage was set back in October. Tough job huh? This was the rehearsal blaze."

Photo and report submitted by Dennis Barrett

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