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"Last Supper"

SPI Alderman Fred Mallett represented the town well last week at a Masters sand sculpture contest in Port Angeles, WA. His piece, pictured above, featured lots and lots of fish eating -- and being eaten.

Catch Of The Day

Andy Hancock, South Padre Island Resident and Internationally recognized Sculptor shows off his latest commission.....Mosquite and Texas Ebony Marlin.
A new take on 'catch and release!'


What do you do on a hot summer day when the fish aren't biting?

The water offshore has been an incredible shade of blue. Do you recognize those legs? I'll give you a hint: he is a (recently) elected town official....

Photo by Jamey Fountain

Beloved member of the SPIonline family
Aug. 25, 1998-July 17, 2004

Photo by Jamey Fountain

July 14 - Offshore Fishing with Fred

What do you suppose that fish is saying?

While those of us trying to enjoy the great outdoors her in deep south Texas may find ourselves praying for a breeze, the lack of wind has made for some very calm days - just about ideal for offshore fishing. These local kids had a great time out on Fred Mallett's 29 ft. Sunray - "Sweat Equity" - and they even caught some fish!

Photo by Jamey Fountain

3rd of July, 2004 - What is Gong On Here?

While the rest of us were enjoying the holiday with friends and family, this bulldozer was busy leveling dunes -- and punching a big hole in our best defense against storm damage in the process. Can someone explain the logic behind this - especially seeing as how we are in the middle of hurricane season????? read more

(photo courtesy of Gene Gore at spadre.com)

6/30/04 Watch Those Jugglers Go!

The Amazing Kevin & Wanda - filling in for Balloon Guy Amazin' Walter over at Blackbeards - are putting on incredible shows every evening for the entertainment of the folks waiting for a table. Better catch them soon, though as Amazin' hisself will be returning to the Island next week. (Photos and spiffy animation courtesy of Jamey Fountain.)

and Thanks to Don Miguel for a great 4th of July Shot!

4th of July, 2004 - sandy feet at Oceanfest

Your humble webwiz found herself in Longbranch, NJ for the holiday, building a sand sculpture of a condo for the sponsoring company -- a landscape architecture firm. Amazin' Walter built a castle there as well, and was kind enough to shoot this photo. The weather was lovely, the folks were friendly and the pay was awesome.

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