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Dad Feets will be observing Spring Break '02 in its entirety from his vantage point at the top of Saida Royale and has promised to forward digital pics of the Rad's "Coca Cola Beach" every day for the rest of the month. Watch spring break unfold before your very eyes!

The photos will be shot every day at the "peak" of the action - about 3:00 PM. You can click on the thumbnail to get the full shot.

If you appreciate his efforts, why not send him an e-mail and tell him so? e-mail Dad Feets

[3/21-26] [3/18-20] [3/15-17] [3/11- 14] [3/5-10]

March 26, 2002

Just got an e-mail from Sandi in St Cloud, MN who enjoyed the photos and commentary but feared that the end of spring break meant the end of fun activity on the Island. She and her family are counting the days until their time on the island begins. I assured her, that there are always ways to enjoy this beautiful place. Just stay tuned to SPIonline.com and discover how Sandy Feet can keep help you have fun, help others have fun and be nice!

I suppose it was symbolic that today's birds eye view and ground zero shot contain zero people. The weather was not good, Sandy Feet and I missed our appointment with the UCLA crew, but one couple . . she from Houston he from Arkansas found a cozy, sheltered place to get re-acquainted. Which I guess makes the point that spring break is more about relationships than anything else.

I'm proud of my daughter, Lucinda (Cin) to me, and the relationships she builds by using her creative talents to become engaged in the lives of so many people. She has always included us in her circle of friends and at our party last evening invited some of my tennis friends to be a part of the final spring break celebration. She and her special guy, Fred (who baked all the bread) combined to make for me, the best spring break ever. Thanks!

- Dad Feets

Ground Zero

Houston meets Arkansas

The Royale Tennis Group

feets and fred

coke beach

The Last Birdseye View

March 25, 2002

Just when I thought Spring Break was over, I discovered a whole different complement of college kids, representing opposite ends of the country. The guys from Toledo, Ohio looked a bit dazed as they staked out their turf on the beach, and a contingent from UCLA is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.

The gal from Taylor University (Indiana) caught my eye . . . and I have developed a very perceptive eye! Or, I should say the T-shirt she was wearing caught my eye. In bold letters it read "Respect Your Elders" and she did exactly that. She drew me into a group of guys from Wisconsin standing around their keg. She was familiar with Michigan and had the "Mitten map" to show all the places she had visited. It wasn't long before our discussion turned toward the very conservative philosophy of Taylor University. She wasn't here to preach, but to have a good time. We talked about what I have come to call, the most offensive T-shirt of the month. As a Christian approaching the Easter season I was offended by the image that it conjured up in my mind. Jesus represents a loving and all forgiving God best exemplified by a young lady, having a good time with friends and telling the world to respect their elders.

- Dad Feets

Toledo Crew

Taylor U Gal

Live! from Wisconsin

offensive t-shirt

coke beach

Birdseye View

March 24, 2002

The police still patrol the beach, but obviously with a more relaxed attitude. When guys clamor to have their picture taken with the police AND their beer bong, you know they are legal drinking age and the police are making a statement regarding the rapport and respect they have established with the Breakers.

As I observed the heavy equipment and personnel needed to remove the Army alpine climbing tower, I couldn't help wonder who pays the bill. I suppose the tax payers, and someone, somewhere made the judgment that an enhanced military image is worth the cost. It provided a challenge for a lot of kids and at least one older kid, me! It was a memorable experience.

The presence of the clean up group served two purposes. A donor offered financial support to a local school in exchange for a thorough cleanup of the beach. The kids had a ball while moms and dads seemed to be doing most of the work!

- Dad Feets

Tower Comes Down

Clean up Crew

coke beach

Birdseye View

March 23, 2002

Imagine! The final dismantling of the Coke stage, putting me in a melancholy mood. I wondered why the kids weren't more upset about not being able to be a part of that scene. I thought about the music I couldn't understand, about the dance contests, that sometimes looked just plain silly. It had become symbolic of all the youth, hope and enthusiasm of a generation that will be making the big decisions of life, long after I'm gone. It was torn down with so little fanfare. The huge speakers and electronic equipment quickly loaded into trailers followed by the laborers who came on to finish the demolition. The beach will be returned to its natural beauty and new crowds will find their own way to have fun. Underneath all the beer, bravado and suntan lotion are real people, each with their own story of spring break 2002 and each seeking to find their place in a very different and exciting world. All
is well.

Guys who come from New Orleans with their own croquet set and played their own version of the game can't be all bad. The water seemed cold to me (about the temperature of Lake Michigan in July) but dozens of kids were having a great time swimming in the surf. The girls from Maryland were anxious to have their moms know they were having a good time and the two guys with their cooler finally arrived at 4:30 P.M. . . . better late than never!

- Dad Feets

Hi MoM!

Better late than never

coke beach

Birdseye View

March 22, 2002

It was supposed to go another day, but cool temps brought an early tear down of the Coca Cola stage and beach activities. That didn't prevent Alejandro and his friends from enjoying their brief visit to the Island, although they were a bit disappointed that there wasn't more going on. Alejandro is from Saltillo, Mexico and has used SPIonline.com to help plan his trip.

As "Dadcam" winds down it would be fun to hear your comments and observations of Spring Break 2002. Send them to me, don@wierenga.com and I'll try to summarize our mutual experience!

- Dad Feets

Stage Comes Down

Ground Zero

coke beach

Birdseye View

March 21, 2002

I think I have become somewhat of an expert of the dance contests that occur on the Coke Stage. Conclusion: the guy that drops his shorts never wins. Athleticism counts.

It seems that groups are coming for shorter stays, the beach is less crowded, but a record number of banners. Some guys had a dart board set up which seemed a bit risky to me, but somehow they managed to keep it safe. Others brought a grill and were enjoying hot dogs. The Colorado group wasted a lot of beer but were having an absolute ball! The Maryland guys spotted me and demanded a group picture.

Winter Texans are still having fun on the Island. Jim and Harlan gave Jan and I some great tennis matches, as did Peggy, Carl and Evonne. Jim and Harlan will have all summer to think about that bagel! This group is not to be identified with the stereotypic couple I spotted on the beach. They had visited the freebie booths and were heading back with their bags of loot!

- Dad Feets

Colorado Represented

Maryland Guys

coke beach

Birdseye View

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