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Find a Local - past and present, I am working on compiling an e-mail address book for anyone with an SPI connection that wants to participate. If you are a past or current resident - or even just a frequent visitor - and would like people to be able to find you, feel free to add your listing!

Add a Listing

You can browse the whole list by hitting the next button at the bottom of each page, or you can jump dirctly to the person's listing if you know his/her last name by clicking on one of the letters below.

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name: M. Jackson
username: mgj@eaze.net
City: Fort Worth
State: Tx
zip: 76148
connection: frequent visitor
Info: I have been vacationing @SPI for 39 years. I remember when the Palmetto and Jetties restaruants were about the only places to eat. Always anxious to come back. Hope to retire there someday and get away from all this big city junk. Anyone know of any great beachside rentals let me know! A bargain is a great excuse to come down!

name = matt jacobs
phone = 806-866-9712
address1 = 1614 BRYAN ST.
state = TX
zip = 79382
icq = 35332316
connection? = past resident
info = We are a past resident of Weslaco Texas no living in Lubbock tx and have a 6 year old daughter so we try and get back to this are for vacation as often as possible.

name: Richard Jeffrey
username: southpadre@alumni.utexas.net
connection: frequent visitor

name: jim & luci
username: silver1116@msn.com
City: san antonio
State: tx
zip: 78217
connection: past resident
Info: used to work there in watersports and fishing

name: JOY
username: sailor_lady@hotmail.com
City: Port Isabel
State: TX
connection: current resident
Info: I sailed in from Puerto Rico, Feb. 00 and love it here. This is an ideal spot for sun, beach, and surf. Not to mention perfect resturaunts and nice people. In 12 years of cruising and living aboard full time this is a good relaxing spot. Any sailors out there? Always looking for a good day sail...:)


name = Lisa Gaudi Karpienski
from = klkarp@texas.net
company = USAA
phone = 210-490-5989
address1 = 150 William Classen
city = San Antonio
state = TX
zip = 78232
connection? = frequent visitor
info = I grew up in Brownsville and so could almost be considered a past resident. Now I frequent SPI with my family to visit my sister Laurie Gaudi. (a local) I have been living in San Antonio for about 12 years and have worked at USAA (insurance company) for about the same.

Jay and Barbara kellum
username: barbarakellum@webtv.net
Company: retired So.West.Bell Telep
Phone: 806=355-1786
Address: 3309 Janet Dr.
City: Amaillo
State: tx
zip: 79109
connection: frequent visitor
Info: We were at South Padre on and off from 85-98. We stayed at Isla Blanca Park there by the beach. We would love to hear rom our friends there.

name: Kerry R. Kephart
username: kayo@iland.net
City: Holden
State: Mo.
zip: 64040
Info: Making my first visit in Feb.

name: Stephen &/or Kristy Kesner
username: takemetothebeach@dellent.com
City: Kansas City
State: MO
connection: frequent visitor
Info: Note e-mail just like the Bistro's in Blue Springs MO - been going to SPI since 1992 - can't stop. Surf Motel here we come June 2000!!!Hangin'out doin' nothin on the most relaxing beach in the US! Take me to South Padre!! Flashbacks never go away!

name = Laura Lee Kobesko
from = lora_lee_54@yahoo.com
phone = 414-245-5368
address1 = 190 W. Geneva St. Apt B
city = Williams Bay
state = WI
zip = 53191
connection? = past resident
info = Lived on South Padre between the years 1984 through 1989, bartended and waitressed with the best friends I could ever meet. South padre island has the friendliest people that I know of.

name: Renee Kocsis
username: renkocsis@hotmail.com
City: Denton
State: TX
connection: past resident

name: Leslie M. Krzywonski
username: Angel860353@excite.com
Phone: (808)636-2081
Address: 67409 Alahaka St
City: Waialua
State: HI
zip: 96791
connection: past resident
Info: Lived on padre for 18 years, got married, and moved to beautiful Hawaii; North Shore Oahu!!

name = Lily Kumpe
from = txwahine@aol.com
phone = (904)247-8456
address1 = 130 19th ave. N apt. C
city = Jax beach
state = TX
connection? = past resident
info = 21-F-Surfer/studying to teach elementary... parents own K's jewelry on padre island

name = brian kurth
from = bckurth@stthomas.edu
company = university of st thomas
phone = 6123277188
address1 = 1532 grand ave #2
city = st paul
state = mn
zip = 55105
country = usa
connection? = frequent visitor
info = been to padre several times oddly enough due to the alcohol i dont seem to remember everything i must have had a great time

name: Joanne Kurtz
username: dreamy@peaknet.net
Phone: 618-235-4756
Address: 56 Rugby Drive
City: Belleville
State: Il
zip: 62226-5721
icq#?: 22527933
connection: past resident
Info: lived at D-135 Rucker, Isla Blanca Park, S.Padre Island Until the county made all of us move out. Miss the island and my friends from the area as well as the fishing and other life down there. Mostly miss the people who were so good to me when my husband died and who helped me, I will never forget them.

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